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I wholeheartedly recommend Luther as a leadership coach in any area you aspire to lead. When our collaboration began, I had already achieved 2 world records in powerlifting. Through our work together, I acquired invaluable tools that helped me develop a newfound sense of calm and determination during competitions. That helped me break another world record. 


After taking a hiatus during the pandemic, I set my sights on one final goal: to bench over 300lbs in a sanctioned competition, break a new All-Time World Record, and culminate my competitive career on a triumphant note. I’m thrilled to share that I recently accomplished that feat by utilizing the same strategies Luther instilled in me to stay focused and perform at my peak. I am immensely grateful to Luther for teaching me how to unlock my full potential when it matters most. The insights gained from our work continue to resonate with me and over time my understanding of their significance has only deepened.

– Emily Hu, World Record Powerlifter, Biomedical Engineer, Author, Angel Investor

Chip Conley in his book Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern Elder describes Luther as a "Silicon Valley Obi-Wan Kenobi". In many ways, Luther is like a Jedi Master. He trains leaders to get out of their own way and tap into the power of the Force within themselves.


Studies have shown that diverse work teams and, in particular, multi-generational teams, deliver better outcomes. In Silicon Valley where the average age of company employees, including their leaders and CEOs, is getting younger by the day, the wisdom of experience and emotional intelligence (EQ) is needed more than ever to achieve high-quality results and, in some cases, avoid company-ending mistakes. Luther not only exemplifies that wisdom and honed EQ, but has made the transition in his own life from successful corporate executive and entrepreneur to highly respected leadership coach. Thus, he is the epitome of a Modern Elder whose focus is to create the conditions for others to step into their best selves and share their gifts with the world.


Chip Conley, New York Times bestselling author and Founder of M|E|A

I initially engaged Luther's services when I was a CEO in need of robust technical guidance for my gifted yet fledgling engineering team. With two decades of experience leading large development teams, a methodical approach to problem-solving, and a wealth of knowledge in navigating intricate interpersonal dynamics, Luther proved invaluable in equipping me with the necessary counsel, tools, and confidence to assemble a top-notch development team and deliver our inaugural product.

Over the years, Luther has also served as my personal coach, playing a pivotal role in helping me navigate my daily challenges while ensuring I maintain a healthy equilibrium between my personal well-being, family, and professional ambitions. His firsthand understanding of the unique pressures and challenges faced by Silicon Valley executives, born from his own experience, combined with his unwavering dedication to holistic wellness, has been instrumental in enabling me to thrive both professionally and personally.


– Andy Leventhal, CEO



I know this sounds cliché but your coaching has been life changing. It’s been an incredible journey that started out work-related but has encompassed my entire life. I am more confident and less stressed at work and at home. I have come a long way in reaching my goals in the short time we have been working together. I feel my leadership and effectiveness as well as my team's has never been better. While you won’t be coaching me forever, I feel like I have learned the basics for how to coach myself, which is truly a gift!

– Marika Sykora, VP Finance & Sales Operations

Some skills can be taught. Some are innate. Luther is a born coach – intuitive, thoughtful, possessing an ability to distill concepts into manageable, actionable practices. Combine this with his incredible hi-tech and start-up experience and you have one of the best coaches around.

– Wynn Hausser, Chief Communication Officer


Luther helped me discover and address a longstanding issue that has blocked me multiple times in my career. He worked with me to address the underlying causes, not just my behaviors. The best part is that he expertly guided me, but avoided giving me instant answers. That gave me ownership of the tools we jointly designed to deal with the issue. Our work together has helped me professionally as well as in personal life. I highly recommend Luther as an executive coach.


– Rajiv Puranik, Entrepreneurial Executive



What makes Luther so effective as a coach in a variety of situations is his broad spectrum of talents and skills. He has deep intuitive wisdom combined with extensive practical knowledge and experience. He has compassion but understands the value of accountability. He can hone in quickly on relevant issues but can step back and see the larger picture. His approach uses both the mind and the heart. He is results oriented but knows how important the journey is to the process. He’s had extensive training, but also has walked the path of self-discovery himself. Best of all, he helps me to find all of these things within myself.


– Carolyn Shaw, Business Owner & Artist



Life360 engaged Luther as an executive coach for Engineering Management. Luther helped me identify negative behaviors that were contributing to the overall drag on my/my team's efficiency. We worked through those behaviors, and developed strategies to mitigate those behaviors as they crop up again. As part of this process, Luther showed a willingness and proficiency toward looking deeply at me as a person and working on the root causes of negative behaviors. I recommend Luther to anyone looking for an executive coach.


– Matt Lanier, VP of Engineering



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