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Luther Kitahata

As a seasoned C-level executive and high-tech entrepreneur, Luther has built companies from the ground up and led substantial organizations around the world. He draws on his deep understanding of the patterns that drive human behavior as well as his own corporate leadership experience to provide individuals and organizations with a transformative and pragmatic approach to their most complex challenges.

Luther brings his life-long passion and training in neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness together with his decades of experience as an operating executive to his leadership coaching. Chip Conley describes Luther as a "Silicon Valley Obi-Wan Kenobi" in his bestselling book Wisdom at Work

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Luther also serves as an Interim CTO or VP Engineering to fill a gap (e.g. while recruiting a full-time CTO/VPE); to build the organization and mentor the founders to grow fully into their leadership roles; to upgrade the product development methodology to become more robust, mature, scalable, and Agile; to bring in an experienced CTO/VPE before a startup can afford one full-time. He has BA and MS degrees in Computer Science from Brown University. He holds a Professional Coach Certification from New Ventures West as well as three advanced certifications from the Aletheia School of Coaching. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, children, chickens, and dogs.

"I help executives transform into their best selves as leaders and as humans beings." - Luther

Certifications and Qualifications
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